Packaging machines and lines for depilatory waxes and hot products

Each product requires specially design and customized solutions. Our wax experience allows us to offer suitable solutions to specific customer requirements. Since 1985 we operate in the area of “depilatory waxes and hot products”. The greatest producers of waxes prepare and produce their products by means of our machines and lines. For the high technology and reliability achieved over the years, we are the leader in the manufacturing of machines for waxes and hot products. Our experience and knowledge for customer service.



  • Product: lipo-hydro soluble
  • Capacity: 100 ml
  • Speed: semiautomatic 600/h, automatic up to 2.500/h in single pitch,up to 5.000/h in double pitch.
  • Machines: melters 250/5000 kg
  • Packaging: filling, capping, labelling



  • Product: lipo-hydro soluble – dioxide
  • Capacity: from 400 – 1000ml.
  • Speed: semi-automatic 500/h, automatic 1.200/h for 400 ml, automatic 3.000/h for 400 ml
  • Machines: melters 250/5000kg
  • Packaging: filling, capping, labelling



  • Product: lipo-hydro soluble – hot wax-
  • Capacity: 100 – 400 -1000 ml
  • Speed: Semiautomatic 400/h for 400 ml, automatic 1.000 / h for 400 ml
  • Machines: melters 250/5000kg
  • Packaging: filling



  • Product: lipo, hydro soluble, hot wax
  • Capacity: 25gr. 50gr.
  • Speed: Semi-automatic: 900/h, automatic 7.000/h for 25 gr.
  • Machines: melters 250/5000kg
  • Packaging: filling, cooling, flow- pack, pack



  • Product:      paraffin,      scented candles
  • Speed: until 3.000/h
  • Machines: melters 250/5000kg
  • Packaging: filling



  • Product: hot wax
  • Speed: semi-automatic 700/h, automatic 1.200-3.000/h
  • Machines: melters 250/5000kg
  • Packaging: filling, cartoning



  • Product : fat-soluble hot wax
  • Production rate: min. 50 Kg/h, max 250 Kg/h
  • Production Equipment: Melters from 250 to 2000 Kg
  • Packaging: in packs



  • Product: lipo-soluble
  • Speed: automatic 200-6.000/h
  • Machines: melters 250/5000kg
  • Packaging: Strip, flow-pack, carton; Min Foil: 25×80 mm; Max Foil: 100x (on request); Strip: minimum 15×10 mm; Strip: max 60x (on request); REEL Max Diam. 600 mm.



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