In line capper

In-line capper mod. TL is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, detergent, food sectors. It can be conceived as a stand alone machine or incorporated in an automatic line. TL can carry out operations of screwing, seaming and bordering, crimping and can also handle “dispenser” or “trigger”. TL is built in 2 models:

  • TLS – semi automatic – with manual placing of the cap over the container.
  • TLA – automatic feeding and placing of the cap over the container (vibration or mechanical type)

The placing of the cap is made through a “Pick & Place” with pre-screwing if required.

When a “torque control” of tightening is required we use “brushless” motors with setting of the minimum and maximum torque from the display’s touch screen.

It can handle all types of containers of diferent shapes covering a wide range of dimensions. The size change over is easy and quick. The machine complies with CE and GMP regulations.



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