Monobloc filling – capping machine

Machine suitable for following sectors: chemical – pharmaceutical – cosmetic. Compact machine with intermittent motion to carry out filling and capping operations in a small space. Eleven (11) working stations to perform filling and two (2) closing operations (if required up to 3 closures) with automatic cap feeding and placing. RTM handles all types of caps: rubber caps, reducing caps, PFP, droppers, atomizers, capsules, dispensers, spray pumps. The machine can be equipped with bottles feeders (for glass and plastic bottles) and caps feeders.

The machine is also suitable to handle ampoules, vials and unstable containers. The upper parts are built in AISI 304 stainless steel and AISI 316 for the parts coming into contact with the product. This machine is suitable to work as stand-alone equipment or as part of an automatic line. Can be equipped with different types of filling units, depending on specific requirements. The machine complies with CE and GMP regulations.


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