Bench-Top Machines

  • Volumetric Filler for Liquid Products
  • Filler for Thick Products
  • Semi-Automatic Capper for Screw and Push-On Caps
  • Semi-Automatic Edging-Bording Machine
  • Semi Automatic Crimping Machine for Spray Pumps
  • Semi- Automatic Thermosealing Machine
  • Coding Devices
  • Semi-Automatic Labeller
  • Working Tables – Conveyors

Micro Line

The ML mini-line is designed to handle small batch of production, for capacity min. 5 cc. up to max 1.000 cc. It is normally equipped with two dosing units (volumetric type for liquid or dense products, or fow-meters). ML can be implemented up to a maximum of 4 dosing units.

Micro Line allows the normal closing operations (screwing, bordering and spin-clinching, crimping) in semi-automatic version. It can handle all types of containers having diferent shapes. As per all our lines ML can be equipped with race track for pucks recirculation…


Mini Block Mod. RT

The RT Mini Block is designed to handle small batch of production, for capacity min. 2 cc. up to max 250 cc. Suitable for various industrial sectors: chemical – pharmaceutical – food.  It is normally equipped with one dosing unit (volumetric type for liquid or dense products). RT can be implemented up  to a maximum of 2 dosing units.

Mini Block allows the normal closing operations (screwing, bordering and spin-clinching, crimping) in semi-automatic version. It can handle all types of containers having different shapes. 

In line automatic filler

Machine of new design for the chemical-pharmaceutical – cosmetic-detergent-food industries. The flling systems can be: volumetric, with flow or level meters. The machine can be manufactured in “standard” version” or “electronic version” with brushless motors for the best performance and a more simple and quick size change over, entirely managed by display. 

In case of foaming products, the flling is made by diving system from the bottom. The output depends on the volume to be flled and on the product features…

In line capper

In-line capper mod. TL is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, detergent, food sectors. It can be conceived as a stand alone machine or incorporated in an automatic line. TL can carry out operations of screwing, seaming and bordering, crimping and can also handle “dispenser” or “trigger”. TL is built in 2 models: 

  • TLS – semi automatic – with manual placing of the cap over the container.
  • TLA – automatic feeding and placing of the cap over the container (vibration or mechanical type).


Automatic rotary capping machine

TR rotary capper is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, detergent, food sectors or where you have to carry out one or more closing operations.

It is built in two versions (12 or 16 stations) and can handle all types of caps and closures by means of 10 or 13 operating stations: rubber plugs, adapters, screw caps, droppers, pipettes, atomizers, capsules, PFP caps, glasses or special shapes.

It can assemble groups for the automatic insertion of spray pumps and dispensers.

Monobloc filling - capping machine

Machine suitable for following sectors: chemical – pharmaceutical – cosmetic. Compact machine with intermittent motion to carry out filling and capping operations in a small space. Eleven (11) working stations to perform filling and two (2) closing operations (if required up to 3 closures) with automatic cap feeding and placing. RTM handles all types of caps: rubber caps, reducing caps, PFP, droppers, atomizers, capsules, dispensers, spray pumps. The machine can be equipped with bottles feeders (for glass and plastic bottles) and caps feeders.


Blowing machine

Blowing machine particularly suitable for pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. Continuous motion machine for bottles internal cleaning through blowing – suction of properly fltered fresh air. This machine can handle glass and plastic bottles. The bottle feeding can be directly from in-line conveyor or from rotary table in monobloc with the blower.  

All parts coming into contact with air blowing and suction are made in AISI 316 L stainless steel or approved materials. The blowing air is fltered through PALL absolute flter and sucked by suction fan in stainless steel with absolute flter. 

Labelling machine

“ETI 2000” labelling machine is the result of years of experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food sectors. To solve the most varied and complex problems related to the application of one or more labels on containers of various shapes (bottles, cartons, tubes, syringes, boxes, cartons, bags, etc.).

In most cases, the systems are customized depending on the applications required by the market. ETI2000 can apply horizontal vertical labels, on the top, bottom as well as multiple labels simultaneously on the same container. 


Packaging machines and lines for depilatory waxes and hot products

  • Roll-on Refills
  • Cans
  • Aluminium tray
  • Tablets
  • Strips