Automatic rotary capping machine

TR rotary capper is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, detergent, food sectors or where you have to carry out one or more closing operations.

It is built in two versions (12 or 16 stations) and can handle all types of caps and closures by means of 10 or 13 operating stations: rubber plugs, adapters, screw caps, droppers, pipettes, atomizers, capsules, PFP caps, glasses or special shapes.

It can assemble groups for the automatic insertion of spray pumps and dispensers.

Suitable for glass and plastic bottles of any shape. The upper parts are stainless steel or properly treated. Equipped to solve the most complex operations of closure, the machine carries out up to 5 operations of caps placing-closing and relevant controls. Where is required a “torque control” the machine is equipped with brushless motors and option to set the min. and max torque from the display touch screen. This capper works as a stand-alone unit or inserted in an automatic line. The machine complies with CE and GMP regulations.



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