In line automatic filler

Machine of new design for the chemical-pharmaceutical – cosmetic-detergent-food industries. The flling systems can be: volumetric, with flow or level meters. The machine can be manufactured in “standard” version” or “electronic version” with brushless motors for the best performance and a more simple and quick size change over, entirely managed by display.

In case of foaming products, the flling is made by diving system from the bottom. The output depends on the volume to be flled and on the product features. The machine can work on a double pitch for high speeds, can be inserted in an existing line or in a line with race track for the transport into pucks of unstable containers or containers with irregular shapes.

All parts coming into contact with the product are made in stainless steel AISI 316 L and approved materials. The machine complies with CE and GMP regulations.


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